Soul Care Groups

Soul Care Groups are safe spaces for kids, teens, and college students to learn practices that help them better care for mind, body, and soul. Practices include reflection, mindfulness activities, scripture readings, and group discussions. Through these practices, students will explore identities, learn to manage emotions, and develop healthy rhythms to navigate the challenges of everyday life. Soul Care happens on Wednesdays for our elementary students, Fridays for our middle school students, and Fridays for our high school students.

Summer Day Camp

The beautiful mix of high school Counselors, middle school Junior Counselors, and K-5 Campers brings life and joy to Harbor House each summer at our Summer Day Camp.  Through songs, skits, games, and Bible stories, the youth learn to see every person as part of God’s family. 

With Friday field trips to places like Soda Aquatic Center (with Orinda Aquatics), Rock City, Rockin' Jump, Alameda Beach, and JBL Home Ranch the youth enjoy exciting new adventures each week.  Breakfast and lunch are provided daily by our church partners.  Engaging guest speakers, book clubs, and enrichment clubs (ie: Soccer, Robotics, and Hip Hop) round out the summer.  

Summer Day Camp Videos


Godly Play

Godly Play is a curriculum of spiritual practice, exploring the mystery of God's presence in our lives. It engages what is most exciting about religious education: God inviting us into Scripture and a deeper spiritual experience. Godly Play teaches us to listen for God and to respond authentically and creatively to His call in our lives.  We offer Godly Play lessons during Advent, Lent, and in the summertime.