Elementary After-school Program

During the school year, we open our doors to children from Franklin Elementary for our elementary after-school program. Harbor House staff pick the kids up from Franklin and walk them three blocks to Harbor House.  We feed them a hearty supper and give them time to play outside before coming inside for Academic Hour and Enrichment Clubs.  Interns from our Youth Leadership Program help lead the children through their activities and volunteers come to teach enrichment clubs.  

Summer Day Camp

The beautiful mix of high schoolers serving as Counselors, middle schoolers serving as Junior Counselors, and elementary students participating as Campers, brings life and joy to Harbor House each summer at our Summer Day Camp.  Through songs, skits, games, and Bible stories, the youth learned to see every person as part of God’s family. 

With field trips every Friday to places like: Soda Aquatic Center (with Orinda Aquatics), Rock City , Rockin Jump, Alameda Beach, and JBL Home Ranch, the youth enjoy exciting new adventures each week.  Breakfast and lunch are provided daily by our church partners.  Engaging guest speakers, book clubs, and enrichment clubs (ie: Soccer, Robotics, and Hip Hop) round out the summer.  

Summer Day Camp Videos