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Education is a key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty.  Our afterschool and summer programs help close the achievement gap for students in our community. Partners and staff offer enrichment opportunities that lead to academic success. We also reduce communication barriers by offering English as a Second Language classes for adults who are refugees or immigrants.


We identify and raise up leaders from within the community who can use their voices, passions, and gifts for the collective benefit of the community.  We practice youth development principles in encouraging future leaders. Our Youth Leadership Program gives opportunities for teens to develop leadership skills while serving as mentors for the younger students in our community.


Spiritual health, the process of opening our hearts and minds to a deeper connection with God, is essential for human flourishing. Through small groups focused on formation, young people explore their identities and learn wise practices that allow God to teach, train, and heal us. 


Food security is an economic and social indicator of the overall health of a community.  In Alameda County, one in five people are in the "insecure" category when it comes to food.  When people are hungry, their minds can't learn and their hands can't work.  In collaboration with the Alameda County Community Food Bank, we provide nutritious bags of food for families in need.  In addition, we offer high-quality, gently used, and affordable children's clothing through our Olive's Closet Thrift Store.