Donate Toys and Gifts  

Bless a Harbor House child or teen this Christmas by purchasing an item from our wish list!  Each child and teen in our program, along with their siblings, has selected two items in the $20-$40 range that they want or need.  We've taken all of their wishes and compilied them onto one big Amazon Wish List.  By purchasing a gift from this list, you can help bring love and joy to a young person who has endured a lot this year.

Please only purchase items from the list.  Once the item(s) is in your cart, select the Gift Registry Address.  Note that gifts are being shipped to a volunteer's home, not Harbor House.  Gifts must be purchased by December 4th so that will we receive them in time to distribute them to our families.  Thank you!    

Donate Gift Cards

Sign-up to donate $25 Target or Walmart Gift Cards to Harbor House families this Christmas.   These gift cards will help parents provide food and other necessities this holiday season.  Please review the available slots here and click the button to sign up.  This will help us track how many have been purchased.  Once you've purchased the gift cards from Target or Walmart, please mail them directly to Harbor House at 1811 11th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606.  All gift cards need to be mailed by December 4th so that we receive them in time for distribution.