Thank you for registering!  

Thank you for registering for an Our House to Your Home box!  We hope you are enjoying the activities in your box! 

Inside the box you will find a welcome letter with some instructions, followed by 6 different locations that you can "travel" to with the box.  Each country highlighted features the story of a child or teen at Harbor House, along with some activities that you can do at home to gain a deeper understanding of our families and their journeys.  Feel free to use the box however you'd like, but here are some suggestions:

  • Go through the box in a week, receiving one story and doing its accompanying activities each day.  Perhaps the week of Thanksgiving or the week leading up to Christmas would be a good time for your family.  
  • Go through the box more slowly, focusing on one story each week.  Spread the activities throughout the week as you get to know one child and one culture a bit better. This slower, reflective pace might even supplement your Advent celebration. 
You will find a number of online links on the story cards that will take you to videos or websites that you can view at home.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Kacie at