Individual involvement and giving are an essential part of supporting and sustaining our work to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency for individuals and families.


Cash or Checks

Donations made payable to Harbor House may be mailed or dropped off in person to our address:

Harbor House Ministries

1811 11th Avenue

Oakland, CA 94606

Please include your current address so we can send you a receipt for tax purposes. We will send you newsletters and updates on your investment in the families of Oakland. If you do not wish to receive updates in the mail, please let us know.


Credit Card or eCheck

Online donations can be made using a credit card or an electronic check. Electronic checks require less processing fees and can be selected by clicking the small check icon on the right hand side of the giving page.


Corporate Matching

If you work for one of the many companies that supports non-profit organizations through a matching gifts program, you may be able to double or even triple your contribution to Harbor House! Most often all you need to do is fill out a matching gifts form available through your company’s human resources department and mail it to us at the address below—we’ll do the rest.

 If you have questions about corporate matching gifts, please email our Bookkeeper, Ginnie Daniel, at and we’ll be happy to help you maximize your contribution.


If you would like to donate items to Harbor House, please call our office at (510) 534-0165. We will set up an appointment and also make sure we can make good use of what you have to offer. We give receipts for tax purposes.


Harbor House Thrift Store:

Quality children’s clothing, ready to hang

Belts, shoes, accessories for children or teens


Harbor House Programs

Stacking chairs and small tables

Curtains, arm chairs and love seats

Computers, software, and accessories: please call us for our current needs

Construction items: please call for our current needs


Professional Services


Pro bono advising or consulting

Technical Support

See our Volunteer page for more information


Real Estate Donations

Do you have a piece of property that you can’t use? Are you paying taxes on land you don’t want? Donate real estate or a portion of the sales proceeds from the sale of your home to Harbor House. When you donate land you: stop paying taxes and maintenance on a property you don’t use, qualify for an IRS tax deduction and avoid all the headaches of selling a property by donating it!


Vehicle Donations

We have established arrangements with Autos for Auction, Inc. and Donate For Charity to process vehicle donations for us.

They will arrange a free vehicle pickup, handle all the DMV issues, sell the vehicle at auction, and distribute the net proceeds to Harbor House Ministries.

By donating, help support Harbor House Ministries, and receive a receipt entitling you to declare the fair market value of your vehicle as a tax deduction.

When you’re ready to donate, or if you want to learn more, contact: Donate For Charity at (866) 392-4483


The Charitable Gift Annuity

A CGA is a contract with Harbor House that guarantees fixed payments to one or two annuitants for as long as any annuitants survive, the remaining balance of the CGA is released to Harbor House.

Supporting Harbor House’s ministry through a CGA also results in a partial charitable income tax deduction, and a portion of the annuity payment may be free from income taxes for a period of time. In addition to cash, CGAs can be funded with appreciated stock, which if transferred directly to Harbor House, can save you a significant portion of the capital gain. There is also a deferred version of the CGA that allows payments to begin at a later date, resulting in a higher payment rate.

Beneficiary tools

Designate Harbor House as the full or partial beneficiary of your bank account, IRA or life insurance policy. The usual tax benefits apply.

Pension Assets

A simple and effective way to change families’ lives while reducing income and estate taxes is to name Harbor House as a beneficiary of your pension assets (e.g. IRA, 401(k), 403(b)). Simply request a Change/Add Beneficiary form from the institution that manages your IRA or pension plan.

Stock Donations

You or your company can donate stock, stock options, and other investments to Harbor House in one simple transaction. A gift of stock owned for more than one year usually entitles you to a charitable deduction for the full market value at the time the gift is made. You benefit by avoiding capital gains taxes and reducing income taxes. Harbor House gains by receiving property that is easy to sell and will generate funds to support its ministry in the Bay Area.

Workplace Giving Programs

Designate Harbor House through United Way or the Combined Federal Campaign or your employer’s workplace giving program. Include your employer’s matching gift form with your gift form with your gift to Harbor House and it will be doubled!


Include Harbor House in your will through a specific bequest or a percentage of the remaining estate. Gift and estate taxes are usually reduced or avoided.

Other Planned Giving Opportunities

There are many more ways to support Harbor House’s ministry. To discuss such options, please contact our Executive Director, Kacie Stratton at (510) 534-0165,, or a qualified attorney, accountant, or financial planner.