Harbor House is located in the lower San Antonio district, which is southeast of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. According to the 2010 census data, Oakland is the second most diverse city in the nation. To give an idea of how diverse this city is, the Harbor House produced book, Our World: the Children of Oakland, profiles 38 children of distinct ethnic backgrounds that can be found in Oakland. Within Oakland, the San Antonio district was shown to be the most diverse neighborhood in the nation in the 1990 census.

It continues to represent astounding diversity and a great richness of cultures, and there is a vibrancy here that makes it a great place to live. Basically, the world’s peoples meet in the San Antonio district of Oakland. You can learn about cuisines, music, art, language, and more from people from virtually every part of the globe here.

However, unemployment and underemployment are significant economic issues facing many San Antonio residents. Refugee status, illiteracy and inadequate educational preparation contribute to the challenges the residents face.

Thirty percent of the population in our district are children under the age of 18, and they are the people most vulnerable to adverse affects of poverty. Many of these youth do not have parents with a high school education. Others do not have a role model who is employed, and still others must work to contribute to the family income.

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