Our Values

Christ Centered

In response to the love, compassion, and Good News that we have received from Jesus Christ, we seek to serve our neighbors for His glory and share His great love with others.



Seeking to be a safe haven for all, we warmly welcome immigrants, refugees, and those who have historically been disenfranchised by society.



Knowing that all people need healthy, safe, caring relationships to thrive and grow, we seek to create spaces for the development of mutually beneficial relationships which break down every racial, ethnic, and economic barrier.



We value education as a key avenue for human flourishing and breaking cycles of poverty. We seek to close the achievement gap for low-income, minority youth and offer enrichment opportunities that lead to academic success.


Leadership Development

We seek to identify and raise up leaders from within the community who can use their voices, passions, and gifts for the collective benefit of the community.  We utilize youth development principles and practices in encouraging future leaders.



All people are created in the image of God and have gifts to share. We celebrate the inherent value, talents and dignity of all of our neighbors and seek to deliver services in an empowering way.