Steadfast in our support of immigrant and refugee families


Harbor House has a long history of extending love, compassion, and welcome to immigrant and refugee families in Oakland.  We will remain steadfast in that commitment now and even more in the future as we seek to provide resources, advocacy, and places of healing for vulnerable families.

We know that many of our supporters are looking for hands-on ways that they can support families during this difficult time.  Below are some ways that you can join us in this urgent work:

  1. Tutor/mentor kids in our after-school program, particularly our English language learners. Sign-up here.  

  2. Write encouraging notes of welcome to the adults in our ESL program. Sign-up here.

  3. Provide snacks or baked goods for the adults in our ESL program or the kids in our after-school program. Sign-up here

  4. Help provide childcare for preschool/toddlers at Harbor House while their mothers attend the ESL class.  Sign-up here.  

  5. Participate in 40 days of prayer using the “I Was a Stranger” challenge bookmark

  6. Take the Matthew 25 Pledge: I pledge to protect and defend vulnerable people in the name of Jesus.

  7. Sponsor a refugee child who attends our after-school program.  Children who attend Harbor House typically pay $30 per quarter but all refugee children are given full scholarships.  The actual cost of the program is $560 per child, per quarter.  Donate here.

  8. Donate to Harbor House to support our on-going work with immigrants, refugees, children living below the poverty line, and other vulnerable people in our community.  Your support will help us provide extra support to families during these challenging times.  Donate here.

  9. Pray for Harbor House and the families we serve.

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